Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On Monday, after a meeting at the Department of Infrastructure, Traffic and Transportation, we took a long ride out to Amsterdam's Waterland--no this is not an amusement park. Along the ride, water was a slight barrier (as you can imagine) so we took a fairy to make our crossing!
It was a gorgeous day accompanied along with some beautiful scenery, though I may have gotten a bit too much sun (you know how we gingers are) and my bike saddle is starting to feel a lot less comfortable after all the rides we've been putting in.
Here's a gem for you. Notice something unusual about the picture on the left (aside from the narrowness of the road)? That's right, look at how the cars are parked. The group commented on how great of an idea this is because it eliminates the danger of being "doored" by a driver's door. While this is a great idea, I'm not sure how well it can be adopted in the United States as we are a country filled with motorists that have trouble sharing roads and allowing cyclists to travel towards oncoming traffic would surely spark public outcry.

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